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A company built on ingenuity. AIS HAS truly shaken up the office furniture industry with their ability to manufacture high-end systems and seating utilizing award-winning processes and product designs at an attractive pricepoint.

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ALUR Walls

ALUR combines the simple elegance of glass with the precision of cast aluminum. ALUR glass walls transform what was once hidden into an inspiration of form and function.

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Life is movement. Movement is a basic characteristic of all life. Movement nourishes the body, activating and strengthening it, inside and out. HÅG understands the art of creating movement as you sit.

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Halcyon Shades

Halcyon Shades has the perfect window shades solution for your home or business. Our commercial shades and blinds are more than just a means for blocking sunlight from windows and maintaining privacy.

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Dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality furniture for business, education, government, and institutional enterprises.

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A Cherryman brand shares the platform of availability, customization, dependability. Products created by award winning Architects / Designers.

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Integra seating

Furniture that exceeds customer expectations in quality / value. Majority of our suppliers are from the USA, a few in Canada / Europe. Nationally Certified WBE. Lifetime Warranty

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High quality educational furniture for the K-12, college and university, private and public library market.

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The life desk
LifeDesk is dedicated to deliver best in class ergonomic products for office environments at an affordable price.

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From office to boardroom, classroom to commons, and every space in-between, a broad range of quality furniture possibilities for all of your spaces.

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From computer lab tables to library shelving, eco friendly school furniture solutions for K12 and higher education learning environments

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Pineapple Contract Inc.

Pineapple Contract Inc.

Pineapple Contract specializes in behavioral healthcare environments. Aspiring to make healthcare furnishings and spaces better for patients, and family. They recognize the importance of staff welfare by creating a safe place to work.

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America’s leading provider of innovative, functional furniture solutions. manufactured in Northeast Ohio, USA.

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Sedia Systems


Creates distinct environments through unique, custom and innovative fixed seating solutions. A leading manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium furniture, with the widest range of fixed seating solutions.

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Dedicated to developing uncomplicated, long-lasting, and sometimes playful solutions and thoughtful approach for public spaces. Wherever people gather to meet, study, work, research, or surf.

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US Film Crew

US Film Crew
All of your window tinting services can be provided by one company. Get the superior service and experience that has made them know across the nation. Starting with a plan, you get the results you're looking for.

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Vondom LLC

Renowned designers and architects from all over transform each piece of furniture into the their mode of expression. Nothing is random ...

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Privacy pods, & phone booths, soundproof conference rooms for, collaboration, & smart working in visual and acoustical privacy.

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