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Better Together

izzy+ makes furniture, but our main focus is on people. Grownups and toddlers, bosses and phone answerers, dog-lovers and cat people, coffee-drinkers and water-guzzlers—they’re all important for different reasons, and they’re all unique.

Caring about people drives us to care a lot about the places they work and play in, from offices, schools, and hospitals, to cafes, dining rooms, and even the environment at large.

Ultimately, we want people to be comfortable and healthy, happy and productive, and to feel inspired and supported in who they are and how they work. That’s why our products are designed to support New Workstyles—people who are more collaborative, technology-savvy, and on-the-move than ever before.

The izzy+ family—Fixtures, Harter, izzy and ABCO—models something we deeply believe in: collaboration. We are Better Together—able to be more creative and meet more needs and opportunities than we can alone. A subsidiary of JSJ Corporation, we’re based in Spring Lake, Michigan, where our facilities bring together great design, advanced engineering and lean manufacturing capabilities.




izzy   abco
Flexible and scalable furniture, and most
of all people-centered - that's what izzy has
been about from day one.
  Small to medium-sized business? Establishing a home office? ABCO can help you learn the ABC's of furniture. Plus the educational market to provide learning furniture solutions. Space-planning services.

Fixtures Furniture



fixtures furniture   harter
Flexible, mobile, approachable,
collaborative and technology ready.
  Honoring modern design. Flexible and open-
ended, able to meet different needs at
different times